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Palm oil is extracted from the mesocarp of the fruit of an oil palm species called Elaeis guineensis. Basically, there are two main products of the palm oil industry – palm oil and palm kernel oil. Out of these, many products could be derived. Crude palm oil is normally processed by a physical refining process in which the oil is turned into a golden yellow refined oil for further end-use applications.

RBD Palm Olein obtained from fractionating of RBD Palm Oil to separate liquid parts (Olein) from solid parts (Stearin). RBD Palm Olein is a clear yellow liquid at room temperature with no contamination, e.g. oxidation. RBD Palm Olein widely used as Frying Oil and Cooking Oil. Refined Bleach and Deodorized Palm Olein also used in Food industries for the preparation of Confectionery Products, Frying Products, Bakery Products, and Dairy Products.

RBD Palm Olein CP10 is Refined with Saturate Protected formula, which helps to reduce oil absorption during Cooking and Frying. It is a Tasteless and Odorless formula, which means when you eat, then you taste the food and not the oil.


Chemical and Physical Analysis

Parameters Value
Free Fatty Acid (as % palmitic) 0.1% max
Moisture and Impurities 0.1% max
Iodine Value (Wijs’ method) 56 min
Slip Melting Point 24 max
Color (5¼ Lovibond cell) 3 Red max
Cloud Point 10.0 °C max