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Malaysia is a country full of contrasts and exciting cultures. Side by side people with different cultures and religions lives in peace and harmony.

The Objects for which ESL BANGLADESH LIMITED is established are the following:

  1. To carry on the business of IT Product Solution, IT Security Services, IT Training Services, IT Enabled Services, Consulting and Technical services with a core focus in information Security, Managed Services, ISP all kinds of service, all kinds of Consultancy, Software, Manpower Export Development in the country and abroad for the benefit of the company. To enter into the Internet, Data, related online services like cloud service (Software as a Service, infrastructure as service, and Platform as a Service), hosting service, e-commerce service, and value-added service for mobile & internet service provider and to setup machine to machine communication solution infrastructure. To enter into business with world-renowned Data Center Service provider and to set up the same locally in Bangladesh. Also to carry out contact center service to facilitate technical and value-added service of the international and local organizations both for inbound and outbound call services.
  2. To buy, sell, repair, import, export, Indent, manufacture, distribute and deal in any or all types of Computers and Data Processing and Data retrieval machines and equipment, Telecommunication instruments, Book-keeping and accounting machines, Invoicing machines, Postal franking machines, Electrical & Electronics Machines, Dictaphones, Mobile Set, Cheque writers, Carbonless paper, Computer supplies and all sorts of electronic & advanced communications machines & instruments chemicals and spares relating thereto and to open repairing workshop for all sorts of office machines and also all sorts of copying services, supplying soft/hardware services, marketing of computer accessories, video surveillance systems, peripherals including, hardware software, installing sale and service, electric electronic office equipment training aids, communications equipment audio-visual equipment refrigerator, air conditioner, washing machine, and all other house hold items.